The Fox & Hounds

Schwartz Gallery, London

8 September to 1 October 2011

The Fox & Hounds 1The Fox & Hounds 2The Fox & Hounds 3The Fox & Hounds 4The Fox & Hounds 5The Fox & Hounds 6The Fox & Hounds 7The Fox & Hounds 8The Fox & Hounds 9The Fox & Hounds 10


The Fox and Hounds is a site of disparate iconographic objects and imagery which reference contested spaces and iindoctrinated belief systems. A monolithic sculpture is set beside a series of doubled and repeated wall sculptures and video frames. It's an oppositional space where the hunter hunts and the hunted is hunted.

The show centres around an isolated and truncated hand, a distorted symbol of faith or an indication of fallen power. A pair of identical sculptures are twinned on the wall as 'eyes'. Based on the floor plans of abandoned buildings which have problematic histories, ironically, they can be read as animal-like in form. A pulsing two frame looped video work refers to the persecutor and the persecuted. It's an irreverent rendering of an idealogical construct. An exit sign lights the way out.

image details, from top -

vinyl on plywood, timber
210 x 143 x 144 cm

The Hanging Gate
c-type print on Kodak Metallic paper
76 x 196 cm

Testa I & II (foxes)
laminate on plywood
37 x 58 x 10 cm each

DVD projection
dimensions variable

All works 2011

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