Forum (sorella) in Spazi Aperti

Accademia di Romania, Rome, Italy

June 2008

Forum (sorella) in Spazi ApertiForum (sorella) in Spazi Aperti

Forum (sorella) was completed during our studio residency at The British School at Rome, Italy during April to July 2008. It was shown in Spazi Aperti, a group exhibition at the Accademia di Romania, Rome, which included works by 60 international artists and was curated by Mirela Pribac.

Forum (sorella) is the sister work of Forum, also completed during our residency at The British School at Rome. It was made specifically to be sited in the underground corridor of the Accademia di Romania, a space suggestive of bombshelters, secret tunnels and forgotten hideouts.

This new sculpture performs as a semi blockage within the space, restricting the viewer from an easy passage. It sits like a forgotten bomb, or a lost vessel from a second rate sci-fi movie. Forum (sorella) crosses from Modernist architectural monumentality to comic book iconography.

Our studio residency at The British School at Rome was supported by the Australian Government through the Australia Council Arts & Crafts Strategy.

Forum (sorella)
vinyl on plywood, timber
130 cm x 190 cm x 130 cm

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