OUR DAY OUT daytripper

Studio installation, Brisbane, Australia


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OUR DAY OUT daytripper is a real day out, a day sightseeing, a tourist attraction. Bring a picnic. You can view the mountains, there's a cable car. You can sit by the stream. You can take home a souvenir.

We claim, we conquer, we consume. The landscape, both natural and manufactured, is there for our amusement. We iconicise, fetishise, anthropomorphise. We name, we climb, we capture.

OUR DAY OUT daytripper is an installation which sets the scene of a pleasant day out. It's all fake and it's there purely for your enjoyment. It consists of a cable car, suspended from a wire and scaffolding towers; flatpack mountains; an artificial stream; timber picnic tables for you to sit at; a shed and awning piled high with home made souvenirs of all the places we have visited. And more. There's also a real vending machine, just in case anyone forgot to bring their packed lunch.

This is not quite relational aesthetics, but it's nothing without the viewer. It wouldn't be a day out without you there.

This is as good as it gets. An armchair tourist fantasy. A spectacle in irony. Better than the real thing. We've reclaimed the landscape, made it ours, yours, something to share.

Only it's raining.

We come together in this project as two British born and educated artists who work in strongly defined fields. James Avery investigates temporary living accommodation and containment. Eleanor Avery explores the landscape through intervention and dislocation. We are interested in ideas, not conclusions. There are strong links between our practices and we have worked collaboratively on past projects. We couldn't realise 'Our Day Out' alone. It's a collaborative process, a daytrip for two.

The venue for OUR DAY OUT daytripper is still to be confirmed. Check this space regularly for project developments and updates.


A 16 page Australia Council assisted publication, with essays by Clare Lewis, Curatorial Assistant at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, and Lucy Byatt, Director of Spike Island, Bristol, accompanies this project. A memento of a great day out.

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