OUR DAY OUT city limits

Spike Island, Bristol, UK

June 2005

OUR DAY OUT city limits 1OUR DAY OUT city limits 2OUR DAY OUT city limits 3OUR DAY OUT city limits 4OUR DAY OUT city limits 5

OUR DAY OUT city limits was the culmination of a three month collaborative residency at Spike Island, Bristol, UK, which formed part of an Australia Council Arts and Craft Strategy supported project for new work.

A 1960's family tent forms the body of the installation. Balanced on top of this shaky iconic structure is a city built from cardboard, fur fabric and vinyl. Some of these buildings are home-built models collected on daytrips to tourist sights; others are modernist tower blocks made from the discarded packaging of our city's waste.

In a desperate effort to maintain the stability of this sprouting city positioned atop it's precarious structure, it has been propped up and underpinned by a mass of Acro Props and timber batons.

Building upon inappropriate foundations is an act of futility, a desperate attempt to claim the monumentality of the city whilst retaining the temporality of the tent.

A flock of birds has settled on the towers and rooftops, their featherweight forms further threatening to rock the stability of the city.


A 16 page Australia Council assisted publication, with essays by Clare Lewis, Curatorial Assistant at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, and Lucy Byatt, Director of Spike Island, Bristol, accompanies this project. A memento of a great day out.

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