Museum of Brisbane MoB Artists@Home lockdown studio residency
8 May - 19 June 2020











OUR DAY IN is an exhibition of work made during our Museum of Brisbane MoB Artists@Home lockdown studio residency during Covid-19. This work began by us revisiting our earlier series of OUR DAY OUT installations, where the idea of going somewhere often turned out to be a better experience than the actual real event. As we couldn't go anywhere during the lockdown, we went on a journey instead through past travel documentation, literature, online searches, podcasts, virtual conversations with near and distant friends, and a lot of studio experimentation time.

We focussed on art and events of the Middle Ages because the global pandemic made us ask "Are we living in a mediaeval painting?", because it certainly felt like it at the start of the lockdown. We looked at various ways historically of dealing with the threat of plague, through isolation and ritual actions, to how people in the Covid-19 pandemic implemented very similar strategies. We found that humour existed then as it does now.

We shared the progress and outcome of research and work made during our lockdown residency on Instagram and Facebook.

This project was kindly supported by The Museum of Brisbane and Tim Fairfax AC

Cuddle Curtain
plaster, steel, fur fabric
265 x 292 x 73 cm

Sponge on a Stick
plaster, clay, steel
143 x 32 x 26 cm

slipcast earthenware
23 x 40 x 20 cm

mould for a Plague Tree
polyester backed embossed vinyl
30 x 32 x 24 cm

all works 2020

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