Permanent artwork commissioned by Laing O'Rourke
M & A Lane, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, Australia
installed 2013

James and Eleanor Avery Hart1James and Eleanor Avery Hart2

Hart was commissioned as a suspended statement sculpture for an ‘urban lounge’, a new precinct in Brisbane incorporating apartments, offices and cafes. 

Hart is a reinterpretation of a traditional decorative deer’s head, complete with antlers and architectural fretwork inspired collar.  It sits upside down from the ‘ceiling’ in a playful twist on the original wall based form.  It is fabricated from gold spray painted sheet aluminium in a facetted format with cast aluminium antlers to radiate the light. The work functions as a central focal point and is positioned in the central lounge area. 

Hart was developed for it’s potential to transform the space from a modern urban environment into a more intimate living room space.  On first approach Hart may appear as a traditional ‘chandelier’ but on closer inspection it reveals its true form.

250 x 350 x 350 cm
spray painted sheet aluminium, cast aluminium, steel
installed 2013


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