Car Showroom for Lily & Mim - A Department Store

60 Schoolhill, Aberdeen, Scotland UK

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1 - 23 November 2014

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Car Showroom for Lily & Mim - A Department Store

Lily & Mim takes the form of a department store including a florist, a car show room and a shopping channel. Lily & Mim is an immersive parallel universe that stimulates all the senses.

It uses installation to join together a diverse range of artists working across a wide range of media; including Benedict Drew, Susannah Hewlett, James and Eleanor Avery, Jeremy Willett, Natalie Kerr, Amber Robertson and John Walter.

Our car showroom is a temple to faith in the heroic, where desire is a pimped up chevron of cut-and-shuts.  Our customer is a legend in his own lunchbox.  He’s looking for luxury and status at a good price, and we’re giving him the works. 

Curated by John Walter in collaboration with SMART Consultants, Aberdeen. Supported by Aberdeen Inspired, Australia Council for the Arts & VSS Home Shopping Channel.

A catalogue and collection of editioned 3D prints and editioned screenprints will accompany the show. Please contact Smart Consultants for more details - info@wearesmartconsultants.co.uk

Car Showroom
vinyl on plywood, fur fabric
220 cm x 450 cm x 450 cm

Swiss Tony
print on vinyl

all works 2014


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Our car showroom for this project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.


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