Blind Faith

The University of Queensland National Artists' Self Portrait Prize exhibition
curated by Alison Kubler, invited artists only

The University of Queensland Art Museum, Brisbane, Australia

24 September 2011 to 12 February 2012

Blind FaithBlind Faith

Blind Faith

Blind Faith is a non figurative self portrait which reflects our collaborative practice. It is a three part work and was made in four cities - Brisbane, Paris, Rome and London. We live and work collaboratively in different global locations, making historical references and drawing on political observation to realise our works.

Blind Faith challenges the traditional format of a self portrait by presenting a sculptural landscape comprising of non figurative components. We offer a view of 'our' world, where as a collaborative partnership we share a mutual fascination for cult phenomena and a combined interest in contested spaces, structures and mechanisms. Our work often consists of imaginary day trips to sites of specific interest. It's a shared day out.

in Blind Faith, a black nuclear submarine, a product of the cold war era, challenges a multi facetted mountain across an open space. A sound piece emitting from inside the mountain interrupts this relationship with the peal of church bells, a very English phenomena that offers a grounding to our physical and cultural displacement.

The title of the work, Blind Faith, refers to the working relationship within our creative practice, often working blindly without a determined outcome, but with an underlying belief of a mutual direction.

Blind Faith
laminate, plywood, sound, headphones
dimensions variable, submarine 48 x 162 x 72 cm


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