We have been collaborating on large scale sculpture and installation projects, including commissioned public art projects, since 2004. We work between Brisbane, Australia, and London, UK and many of our works have developed out of international studio residencies.

We make works which sit somewhere between fiction and documentary, replicated and real, and which are imbued with a sense of postmodern irony. Our works are a play-off between humour and the absurd, where we use high end fabrication methods in conjunction with a low-tech craft approach to explore these oppositional but interconnected conditions.

Our work often begins with an exploration of a historical site or event, which we reinterpret and reformulate with pop culture references, creating leaps across varying hierarchies and value systems. Our practice is strongly collaborative and occasionally competitive, and the process and outcome is driven by this congruence of friction and accord. We specifically look for the power structures within society, where we find ourselves searching for the 'hero' in everything, or at the very least, the desire to be that 'hero'.

We work across a broad range of materials and techniques, utilising computer engineering software and industrial and handcraft methods. Our working process often employs geometry and physics, forming a hybrid between the natural and the manmade.


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